Saving People Money

on name brand medications


Saving People Money

on name brand medications


Search Brand Name Medications

Our Med Finder makes it easy to search for prescription medications that we are able to source. If you cannot find your medicine, contact us here to submit a medication request. Please Note: ScriptSourcing does not source generic medications.

Stop Overpaying

on maintenance prescriptions


no copays on name-brand maintenance medications for both employees and dependents


your prescriptions are shipped directly to your home with zero shipping or handling costs

hidden fees

zero hidden fees plus concierge service means zero headaches and more money in your pocket

Real People, Real Savings

  • “Through ScriptSourcing’s international program, Restasis costs me absolutely nothing and will save our company over $1,000 on an annual basis. What’s more, the entire process was so easy. I called the staff at ScriptSourcing who directed me to the source where I can obtain my prescription. I now receive my three-month prescription from Canada shipped directly to my office, as it’s more convenient for me.”

  • “I compared the cost of drugs under the ScriptSourcing program with what we were paying and immediately saw that the savings for our self-funded plan would be significant, especially for high-dollar prescription meds. For example, the cost of Gilenya through ScriptSourcing went from $6,400 to $4,400 a month, saving our company $24,000 a year. Additionally, the employee now has a zero copay.”

    Dean Geber, CFO
    Jerry’s Auto Dealership


  • “Since we made the program available to our employees just four months ago, 42 prescriptions have been filled, saving our company $191,819 – that’s a 67% savings compared to PBM pricing! Not only is our company saving money, our employees are getting these expensive specialty drugs at no cost with a $0 copay. One employee, for example, is taking the cancer drug Gleevec, which prior to joining ScriptSourcing cost the company about $10,000 per month. Now the cost is $5,712.23 per month, which is a huge savings for us. The employee pays nothing where before he paid $150 per month for the drug.”

    Lisa Lester
    Rotary Corp.

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