Saved $192K in 4 Months

Rotary Corp

The Process is Easy

Rotary Corp, based in Glennville, GA, is a manufacturer and distributor selling to service dealers and distributors. Its extensive product line includes lawn mower parts and accessories such as blades, filters, spark plugs, tires, belts & pulleys, wheels, trimmers, edger blades, ignition parts and engine components.

Rotary has 350 employees on its health plan. Several months ago it turned to ScriptSourcing to help with the high costs of prescription drug costs. Within four months of using ScriptSourcing for named-brand medications, there have been 42 scripts sourced and a savings of $191,819.00 — that’s a 67% savings compared to PBM pricing. Employees have a $0 copay.

“What makes this program even more exceptional is the level of service provided by ScriptSourcing,” explains Lisa Lester, Benefits Coordinator at Rotary. “The process is easy – you get a 90-day prescription delivered to your home or work. What’s more, the staff at ScriptSourcing is genuinely concerned about our employee needs, immediately responding to any inquiries and facilitating the process if needed.”
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