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Most employers typically reduce their overall prescription spend by 70-80% which is now unlocked capital that can be used to grow your business.

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Our zero out-of-pocket plans help employees afford meds which improves adherence and creates a healthier, more productive workforce.

Improve Retention

Our unique Rx plan opportunity creates a happier staff with more money in their pockets – the magic formula for employee retention.

Real Companies, Real Savings

  • “I compared the cost of drugs under the ScriptSourcing program with what we were paying and immediately saw that the savings for our self-funded plan would be significant, especially for high-dollar prescription meds. For example, the cost of Gilenya through ScriptSourcing went from $6,400 to $4,400 a month, saving our company $24,000 a year. Additionally, the employee now has a zero copay.”

    Dean Geber, CFO
    Jerry’s Auto Dealership
  • “Since we made the program available to our employees just four months ago, 42 prescriptions have been filled, saving our company $191,819 – that’s a 67% savings compared to PBM pricing! Not only is our company saving money, our employees are getting these expensive specialty drugs at no cost with a $0 copay. One employee, for example, is taking the cancer drug Gleevec, which prior to joining ScriptSourcing cost the company about $10,000 per month. Now the cost is $5,712.23 per month, which is a huge savings for us. The employee pays nothing where before he paid $150 per month for the drug.”

    Lisa Lester
    Rotary Corp.

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