$0 Copay Program

Dickinson College

An Educated Decision

Dickinson College, a private, residential liberal arts college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was looking to reduce its prescription drug expense. Dickinson had 721 employees on its health plan. Over time, the college had been shifting costs to employees with higher co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket exposure and premiums to keep up with rising costs. They found that employees were not adhering to their medication prescriptions, and several employees were functionally uninsured as they could not afford to pay their Rx co-pays.

Dickinson turned to ScriptSourcing to mitigate health care spend and enhance employee benefits. Within 6 months the college experienced a savings of over $120k. By the end of the year, the savings reached $177k. Employees pay $0 for name-brand medications.


First Year Savings

No more copays!

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