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Home Health Care Management

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Home Health Care Management (HHCM), based in Pennsylvania, provides nursing care and other home health care services throughout the communities it serves.

HHCM has 128 employees and 130 members on its health plans. As an organization, its goal is to keep on budget and be fiscally prudent in its healthcare spend in addition to being a company where employees feel valued and where they are given good benefits at a cost they can afford. One of the largest costs in the organization’s health care spend was for Pharmacy.

Constance Morrison, President and CEO, turned to ScriptSourcing for a solution. “ScriptSourcing showed us we would be able to redesign our benefits and take advantage of more aggressive pricing with its program. In seven months, our company has recognized $130,000 in cost savings. In addition, our staff has been happy to have support in member outreach services, ease of enrollment and prescription refills mailed directly to their homes.”

This is a winning proposition for all — for our company and board — and more importantly, in our efforts to recruit and retain good employees.
– Ms. Morrison

Before ScriptSourcing, HHCM’s cost for name-brand meds was $130,000; after ScriptSourcing the cost was reduced to $6,000 — a 95% savings. Annualized projected savings is at $235,000. Employees have a $0 Copay with ScriptSourcing.

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