$3.2M Saved in 4 Years

Georgia Municipality

A Raving Fan Client

For this Georgia municipality group of around 1,200 employees, we assisted the group’s first member on an Orencia Injection script in January of 2017 – saving the group $10,998 on a 90 day supply. In the four years that we have worked with this municipality through 3/4/21, this group has saved $3,227,672 as a result of enrolling 104 employees within ScriptSourcing’s program.

Prior to working with ScriptSourcing, the group had a deficit of $1 Million, placing them in the unfortunate predicament that no business seeks to find themselves in. They were left with three options: to raise taxes, cut services, or implement the services of ScriptSourcing within their health plan. This employer took a leap of faith by hiring a fiduciary PBM and implementing ScriptSourcing’s program.

At the end of the first year, we saved the group $766,000. Between ScriptSourcing savings and the fiduciary PBM, this group had a $500,000 surplus in their health plan within 1 year, a 1.5 Million upswing. What we’ve learned in risk management is that 1-3% of health plan members drive 30-50% of the healthcare claims. In over 3 years, 104 unique enrolled members represented this municipality’s $3,227,672 in savings.

The beauty of our solutions is that these employees were able to get their maintenance name brand and specialty medications for a $0 copay while still allowing the company extensive savings. In addition to this, ScriptSourcing provided many of these employees with generous Visa gift cards around the holiday season to reward their engagement with us. One of the employees of the municipality said,

“A $0 copay and this generous Visa giftcard – for me, this was the difference for my family between a good Christmas and a great Christmas.”


Four Year Savings
  • Top 5 Meds (Savings)
  • Tecfidera - $423,440.58
  • Humira Injections - $374,664.80
  • Kuvan - $373,851.40
  • Humira Pen - $296,542.58
  • Enbrel Injection - $169,764.56

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